Step 1 - Access

The link will be supplied by an official during a marshal briefing whether that be digital or in person. Circuits and clubs are advised to password-protect their link, so ensure you have the password for that event in order to use the form.

Step 2 - Complete The Form

Simply input all the required data into the form and hit submit at the bottom. If you have missed a part of the form, it will display a message stating a required section has not been completed. If this is the case go through the form and confirm all parts are filled, required sections have a little red asterisk.

When the form has been completed it will automatically wipe and await the next round of data.

Step 3 - Clerk Action

The results will get emailed to designated email addresses, when the clerk receives the email they will be able to view the information inputted by the official and be able to start acting upon the report immediately.

With the form requiring fields to be filled it allows the clerks and stewards to have all the information they require, and can act upon a report, rather than throwing it out due to lack of substance.

Step 4 - Data Analysis

Throughout a meeting, numerous reports will be issued to the clerks, through the incident form. This information is saved into a CSV file that can be accessed by the club, which allows training to be built upon the provided data of a live meeting.

This data allows a better training programme to be put into place not just for the club but across the nation, due to the information being supplied through a race meeting, rather than via surveys or general consensus.