Easy & Clear Incident Reporting Providing Officials With The Required Details.

Gather the information your circuit or club requires, and allow officials stationed both on and off the circuit issue reports easily. Created by officials for officials.

Incident Form - Man at Desk

Demo Form Structure

Incident Form - Save The Planet

The Paper-Less Solution

The form has been designed with the future and the environment in mind, with the world requiring greener ways to operate how about remove paper from our equation?

Marshals and officials can access the form via a link. This link will direct the user to the form where they are able to input the information and submit it. The data gets emailed to the designated email address pre-stated. The form clears instantly with no data being saved to personal devices, with the designated email addresses receiving a copy of the form, along with an CSV document being made server-side.

Information Regarding GDPR

The form requires very minimal information about the marshal or official. The name of the marshal and role will be collected, along with the license number if the marshal/official decides to input this detail.

All the other information is the typical information expected to be gathered, to allow a clerk to pursue the report and issue the relevant penalties.

No email addresses are made publicly available and will remain behind closed doors. Access is given to the webmaster to issue required changes as well as the Club/Circuit for which the form is set up. These circuits can request logins for clerks if required.

Incident Form - GDPR

How It Works

A Better Incident Reporting Experience

Save Time

Time is crucial when operating a circuit, using the form cuts down reporting times and decision times.

Reduce Errors

The form is laid out to reduce input mistakes, and will only send when fully completed. If the forms required areas are not filled, it will state which box is required before sending.

Report Email

The results are broken down and turned into a well-presented table to allow a clerk or steward to scan the information and make a well-informed decision.

Data Analysis

The report data is not just emailed, but is stored in an CSV file, allowing easy data analysis to know what areas training can be conducted to improve your team.

Personalised Form

We’ll add your logo and colour scheme to the report form seen by the marshals, along with the emails received by the clerks.

24/7 Use

It does not matter whether you are running during the week or weekend, or even night or day. The form will always be active ready for your requirement.